To app or not to app – the mobile casino revolution

Mobile apps make so many things easier. From getting a cab to purchasing a takeout, an app can enable you to wrap up your food orders, make online banking requests and play games with friends all with a few taps of your smartphone screen. Online casinos have now been around for nearly a decade, and they have recently started updating their operations by creating handy mobile apps.

What can you do with apps for mobile casino sites?

Your app will usually let you play certain games (everything from slot games to roulette can be played by means of an app), to check your balance and to make deposits and withdrawals. Many apps also provide fast customer support that is tailored to touch screen devices. Choose to play with what are called ‘real money casino apps’ if you want to use your app to make real winnings.

Are there any restrictions on using an app?

Some online casino games are not supported by apps. These can include live dealer games, where a certain video connection is needed. It is also worthwhile considering the security of your smartphone. Does it have the same security levels as your laptop or desktop computer which (hopefully) have specialised security software installed on them. If not, given that when you play using casino apps you are handling money and login data, it is time either to update your phone’s security settings or to switch your casino sessions over to a more secure device.

Two key advantages of playing using an app

There are two things that you can do with an app that you cannot do simply by accessing a casino’s website on your phone or laptop. Firstly, accessing the mobile version of a casino’s website on your phone can still lead to slower gameplay – this can get worse if you try and load the classic web version of the site onto a smaller device such as a smartphone or a tablet. Designed especially for mobiles, on the other hand, casino apps are slick, smooth and efficient. The best among them will offer you hours of glitch free gameplay. Secondly, in a bid to entice more customers to partake of their mobile apps, many online casinos are offering app only deals and bonuses. Check out your favourite casino’s list of bonus codes the next time that you are playing with them and you may well find a selection of codes that can only be used with their app. Calculate whether these bonuses really are more attractive than those offered for use with the classic web version of a casino. If they are, then that is another reason to try out the casino’s app.

To app or not to app – what is the answer?

The ‘mobile casino revolution’ is developing all around us, all the time. Real money casino apps are the latest milestone in this revolution, but there are sure to be others in the future. Should you download your favourite casino’s app, just because it looks shiny and efficient? The first thing to consider is security: will you be comfortable using this app to handle passwords and payments? Consider, too, whether the app will offer you anything more than you can already get from the desktop and mobile versions of your preferred casino. If, having examined all of these factors carefully, you decide that your life would be improved, download the app and see if it runs without bugs or glitches on your device. If it does, then, happy playing! Nevertheless, do not forget to check back on the desktop version of the site to see if there are any desktop only bonuses that you can take advantage of there.

Save money by using a payment option best suited for your casino needs

Avoid having your winnings eaten up by fees and commissions associated with your payment option. Get paid within a time frame that suits you. Match your deposits and withdrawal methods to your lifestyle. Being smart about the payment option that you use will make sure that you maximise your ‘earnings’ from playing on online casinos and that depositing money to, and withdrawing money from, your account is simple and stress free.

Different payment options, different fees

Take a look at the casino payment options at your favourite online casino. Good casinos are usually transparent about all aspects of the customer experience, and so they should ideally list the charges associated with different casino deposit methods, and different casino withdrawal methods, too. Withdrawing money to your bank account might come with a flat fee of £25 attached, for example, whilst withdrawing the cash to your PayPal account could come with an associated fee of 3% of the total withdrawal amount. Do some calculations and work out which withdrawal method is cheaper for you.

Different payment options, different time scales

For many online casino enthusiasts, time is as (if not more) important than money. Sometimes, you want to get your hands on your winnings as quickly as possible. At other times, you may be more willing to wait. Again, take a look at what time frames are available for withdrawals from your favourite casinos. It may take 48 hours for a payment to clear to your PayPal account, for example, but up to 7 days for it to appear in your bank account. Many casinos offer their players the option of paying a higher fee in order to get their hands on their money more quickly. Work out whether these considerations are of prime importance to you, and select your payment methods accordingly.

Different payment options, different lifestyles

This paragraph is all about your personality. Some people love the slick convenience of a PayPal app, whilst others are more than happy to wait for a casino to send them a cheque in the post. Review the various payment options that are available for you and work out which one best suits your lifestyle. After all, there is perhaps little point in fiddling around with a smartphone app so that you can set up a PayPal or MoneyBookers account if you do not find this app intuitive to use and it would only save you 1% of your withdrawal amount compared to a bank wire transfer or a cheque.

Hot tip: keep your eyes peeled for free deposit and withdrawal bonuses

Every so often, online casinos offer bonuses in the form of free deposits and withdrawals. This means that players can funnel money in to their accounts, and withdraw their winnings without having to pay any fees or commissions to the online casino. Such bonuses tend to be time limited (often, they last a month). When you find one of these bonuses, it is a great idea to take advantage of it to the full and to make as many withdrawals as possible within the given time period.

A balance of three factors

Time, money and your own personal lifestyle preferences: these are the three factors that you need to take into account when deciding which payment method is best for you. It is worthwhile spending half an hour or so doing a little research into the various payment options available to you so that you can make your life easier in the future.