The different kinds of free spins found at UK online casinos. Over the last decade nothing has taken the world of online gaming and entertainment by storm more than online casinos. What started off as a tentative experiment to bring the in-house gaming experience online, has seen gamers across the world take to the online experience with gusto and fervour.

In recent years, as the competition for gamblers attention has intensified, online casino companies have had find new ways to grab their attention. Initially there were very few incentives available to keep players interested or to attract them to one uk online casino over another. They started out offering gamers a percentage-based welcome bonus for joining their online casino… an offer that did not prove to be that exciting!

However the concept of free spins changed all of that. And they have now become the most popular form of bonus for online casinos.

What are casino free spins and how can I get them?

The essential idea behind casino free spins is to attract players to an online casino by giving the opportunity to play their games before making a substantial cash deposit, and of course make some winnings! Although it is important to understand that the amount you can win on a free spins will be capped – normally you can win no more than £100.

Finding the free spin promotions isn’t too hard either – either by using a well-known search engine, or indeed visiting online casinos that you know; the offers will be well advertised!

What are the different types of free spins available to players?

Two different types of free spins have been developed over the last few years. Early on, the first kind of offer required players to make a deposit in their chosen online casino before the platform then released the free spins for you to use.

More recently some online casinos have dropped the deposit requirement to make them more attractive to players. This meant that players could try out the casino and win or lose, no deposit was needed.

As time went by, online casinos looked to give gamblers more offers – and so, for example, they offered a large release of free spins to players as part of a special promotional period, or say the launch of a new game.

However, as the no deposit free spins offers began to spread, online casinos became frustrated at gamers then looking for other offers and not staying on their platform and making deposits. So looking for ways to guarantee gamblers’ loyalty to them (and to give them an edge versus the competition) they have started to give away hundreds of free spins – far more than the no deposit offers – to players who make a deposit at the casino.

What’s the catch?

While it would be harsh to call this a “catch”, players nevertheless need to be aware that “Wagering Conditions” do put a limit on your ability to cash out any winnings you may have accumulated using free spins.

Buried in the Terms & Conditions of most online casinos are these wagering conditions, outlining that winnings from your additional spins can only be cashed out when you have deposited a certain cash equivalent with the casino – e.g. something that is 20x the value of your winnings with the free spins (such as £200, for having won £10 with your winnings).

However, it is certainly true to say that as the marketplace for online casinos has become more competitive, a number of providers have dropped their wagering conditions.

The next decade for UK online casinos and free spins

There is no question that different types of free spins continue to be the ultimate attraction for the thousands and thousands of gamblers that go online everyday to enjoy the online casino experience. Casino companies will continue to look for new and innovative ways to attract gamblers to their platforms over the next decade.