Whether your are an avid fan of poker or you have been hoping to enjoy a few engaging hands of blackjack, online casinos will provide endless hours of entertainment. If you are lucky enough, you might even walk away with a tidy sum of money. Although there is no doubt that the variety of games is truly amazing, we also need to take into account the value of VIP and loyalty schemes. So, what is in store and what types of programmes can you expect to encounter along the way?

The Value of a Casino VIP Program

The basic intention of any casino VIP program is to reward players for their loyalty as well as to provide registered users with access to different game variants. Not only will this emphasise the quality of the brand, but these bonuses tend to be progressive in their nature. In other words, they become more valuable as a member progresses through various levels (sometimes referred to as tiers). Thus, there is always something new and this ensures that members keep coming back for more. Not only is this an excellent marketing strategy, but it is just as highly valuable to the players themselves.

The Different Types of Casino Loyalty Programs at a Glance

From a general standpoint, any casino loyalty program can be classified into one of several categories. Some of these will include (but may not be limited to):

  • Initial sign-up bonuses.
  • Referral rewards.
  • Matched deposits.
  • Free spins or credits.
  • Prizes after reaching a certain level of gameplay.

It is not uncommon for an online casino to offer several of these rewards. The majority now boast hefty sign-up bonuses. Some of these can match the initial deposit amount by up to a few thousand pounds. Others provide free spins that can be worth real cash value if the player wins a round (such as in roulette). As these spins are not associated with any type of risk, they can be thought of as “money for nothing”.

Why Choose a UK Online Casino that Offers Loyalty Points?

It is important to mention the difference between a bonus and a casino loyalty program. Bonuses tend to be one-off bundles by their very nature; awarded at specific benchmark levels or upon initially registering with the website. Loyalty points are much more predictable. They are provided at regular increments and generally based around the amount of time that the player has been registered with the casino. While some will argue that loyalty points are not as outwardly impressive as the average UK online casino bonus, we have to remember that these points can often be used to access additional areas of the site that could be off limits to the average player.

Levelling Up and Other Unique Programmes

Every provider is associated with its own rewards and bonuses. For instance, an “adventure casino” might provide rewards such as fast-paced tournaments and massive jackpots. A platform focused more around traditional bingo could offer its players other types of bonuses such as speed rounds or the ability to play a bingo card at no extra charge. These options have just as much to do with branding as they involve catering to the needs of the player in question.

Many are associated with incremental rewards; sometimes known as “levelling up”. The player can earn badges, medals and similar items. There are even instances when digital currency can be used to access games without having to deposit any additional funds. The main takeaway point is that VIP programs are as varied as the casinos themselves.

Things to Look Out For

Not all casino VIP programs are made the same. Some are much more transparent than others. This is the first variable to address. These are several questions to ask before registering with a website. Three of the most important include:

  • Is it easy to understand the terms and conditions?
  • Will you be provided with a live account representative if a problem arises?
  • Are there time limits associated with the rewards and if so, how quickly will they need to be redeemed?

All that glitters may not necessarily be gold. So, be sure to read through all of the relevant information well in advance. There are literally hundreds of online casinos and the best will always be associated with amazing rewards programmes. Indeed, it always pays to be a VIP member!