There are a huge amount of options for those looking to start playing poker online. However, before you get going you may want to review a number of poker rooms first to ensure you choose one that offers safety, reliability and clear instructions.

When you have found the poker room that feels right you will be able to open an account for free providing you are 18 or over. You will then be able to download their software after registering your name and choosing a username and password. The instructions will be explanatory will quickly enable you to participate in online poker games and tournaments offering cash prizes.

Play Poker Online

If you want to begin playing poker online with real money you will have to complete a few other steps. These don’t take long and will involve adding a bit more personal information and deciding how you wish to fund your account.

In online casinos there are now flexible choices available, and you can use methods such as credit cards or choose E-Wallets in many UK poker rooms that make use of the new cryptocurrency forms of payment. These may take a little longer to set up but can provide more value for money and flexibility if you wish to move between different online poker rooms.

After deciding on your deposit method you can start playing as soon as an initial deposit of around £10 to £20 as a minimum is made. This will allow you to begin playing for real money and in most cases this will be instantaneously registered on your account.

Getting Started

For those who haven’t dabbled in online poker before, the game is in essence just a version of the age-old card game but modernised so that it can be played on the internet. As with the card game it is played by all kinds of people of all ages and experience levels so can be enjoyed by anyone. There are lots of variations of the game and some are free or can be played for very low amounts right up to those who invest much more in order to go for higher level stakes.

Online Poker Tips

Free resources to improve your poker playing abilities are abundant on the internet and come with straightforward guides such as ABC’s of poker or short crash courses, and the more you improve the more you will enjoy poker playing.

A number of sites provide charts so you can begin to learn the values of a hand in poker and these are good to start memorising, although it may take a while for it to sink in and start to make sense if you have not played poker before.

Most players who are new to the game get confused by the outcome of a hand, so a good tip is to use a Which Hand Wins Calculator which is an online tool to assist new players in understanding which hand wins in a variety of situations.

How To Play Poker Online

Many sites will offer bonuses to new players and it is worth shopping around to find the best one. Once you have registered and provided the other details needed to sign up there are numerous ways to play poker including:

  • Texas No Limit Hold’em: One of the most popular games whereby you are given only two cards and then combine them with five community cards, and the objective is to get the best possible hand.
  • Poker Tournaments: you receive a stack of chips and the winner is the one who holds all the chips.
  • Cash Games: Sometimes also known as ring games these are an older version of poker that uses chips that are assigned values, and once you have the chips you can play flexibly and cash out whenever you want to.
  • Sit & Go: This is another form of tournament but on a smaller scale and starts whenever enough players join the game.

Poker: Online Real Money

Although amounts can vary depending on a number of factors such as skill, chance and types of games played it is possible to win real cash prizes with online poker, and hone your skills by studying the game and keeping abreast of the latest trends.