How to play Jacks or Better and beat the casino with your strategy

Jacks or Better video poker, from NetEnt, the big name in online gaming, is the most played online video poker variant. All those people can’t be wrong – and of course they’re not. It’s got a 99.56% RTP (Return to Player). That beats most slots and online video games hands down!

Although the house starts out with a really small edge, is it possible to nudge the odds even further in your favour? Actually it is, and we’ll take a look at how you can go about this. But don’t forget that as well as the great RTP, in UK online casinos, video poker often qualifies for bonuses, and special promotions – so it’s a very attractive proposition.

Playing Jacks or Better video poker

You’ll need to know the hands that count in poker, from the basic high card, through the pairs and triplets, to the runs, flushes, full houses, fours and royal flushes. (Some people say “run”, others say “straight”).

When you start the game, you’ll see the pay table prominently displayed. It shows the multipliers that will apply to your stake, if you get the listed hands. You’ll also see the five cards you’ve been dealt, with a “hold” button under each. You simply hold the ones you want and get the draw on the ones you want to discard.

This being Netent, there’s also a little extra wager – you can place a double-up bet on the colour of the next card. But the main objective of the game is to get at least a pair of Jacks which guarantees you a payout.

Optimal strategy Jacks or Better

If you want to increase your edge against the house, you need to know when to hold some cards, and when to discard your entire hand. There’s a strategy which defines those hands you should play, and those hands that aren’t worth trying to improve. For hands you can’t improve, you should discard the entire hand and get a fresh set of five cards.

Obviously, four of a kind, also known as quads, is a keeper. As is a straight flush, let alone a royal flush. Run (straight), three of a kind (triplets), flush or a full house – play these hands.

The skill and strategy comes in when you don’t have that kind of no-brainer win on your hands. So let’s look at the hands you’re more likely to be dealing with most of the time, and the best strategy for playing them

Four card strategy

  • If you have four cards towards a royal flush or a straight flush, stay in and draw on the single.
  • If you have two pairs, stay in and draw on the single.
  • If you have four of an open ended run, stay in and draw. (This is a run eg 4,5,6,7, where you could draw a card to add to either end of the run).

Three card strategy

  • Three cards towards a royal flush – stay in, and draw two.
  • Three cards towards a straight flush – stay in, and draw two.

Two card strategy

  • If you have a pair of Jacks or better, stay in and draw three.
  • One pair, up to 10s – stay in, and draw three.
  • Two cards of the same suit that are Jacks or better, stay in and draw three.
  • Two cards, different suits, Jacks or higher – stay in and draw three.
  • A ten and a face card that are the same suit – stay in and draw three.
  • Single card Jack – stay in and draw four.

Otherwise – discard all five cards.

How much to bet

Always bet the full five coins allowed. This is because, if you do strike a Royal Flush, you’ll generate the Royal Flush / full bet bonus payout and this can be the difference between 800/1 and 250/1.

You’ll learn a lot about poker in general, and video poker online, by playing Jacks or Better. It’s a fast, fun game which starts out with a great return on any wager, and can be nudged further in your favour, if you follow this strategy.

Top Slot Picks for the Summer!

After a cold and seemingly interminable winter, the summer is once again upon us. The temperatures are on the rise and in the very same respect, the level of action associated with online video slots is likewise heating up. Let’s take a quick look at what the upcoming season has in store while highlighting a handful of the most fun and exciting games to have ever entered into the marketplace. Not only do hours of entertainment await, but you might very well be able to put a bit of cash into your pockets if you choose the right game.

Thunderkick’s Sunset Delight: One of the Top Summer-Themed Slot Games

Thunderkick is a modern video slots game developer which has taken a slightly different approach. As opposed to presenting the player with futuristic images and high-tech graphics, it instead embraces a theme reminiscent of the 1920s. The symbols themselves are actually different flavours of ice cream; adding a tasty touch to this relaxing game. With five paylines and the ability to wager up to £100 pounds per spin, a wealth of opportunities await. Although there is only a single bonus symbol, players will be pleased to know that a 100x multiplier can be attached to certain winnings. Another advantage of this online video slots platform is that it can be accessed by tablets, personal computers and smartphones.

Spina Colada: A Refreshing Game Created by Yggdrasil Gaming

In terms of a truly summer-themed video slots game, Spina Colada is the perfect option. It is very easy to learn, as there are fewer paylines when compared to other models. The main goal is to match three similar glasses of Piña Colada. Assuming that three or more are present, you will be provided with additional spins. These spins will continue as long as a single symbol (regardless of where it is located) is displayed. Extra spins, wild symbols and winnings multiplied up to three times are some other benefits. It should also be mentioned that any free spins will offer a guaranteed prize. Boasting a 16:9 screen resolution and offering a maximum payout of €400,000 euros (or the equivalent in pounds), Spina Colada is certainly worth a closer look. Be sure to perform an online search in order to determine which UK casino sites offer this game.

Sunny Shores: Your Possible Ticket to Paradise

Iridescent graphics combined with an appealing beach theme are sure to bring back memories of fun in the sun when playing Sunny Shores. As it offers five reels and five paylines, the chances of winning a tidy sum of money are very real. Another advantage unique to Sunny Shores is that it offers social gaming capabilities; a great way to play with a few friends. A wild symbol known as “Sunny Wild” will expand a current payline in two different directions. This enables the player to encounter free spins and other amazing rewards. It also boasts a layout somewhat similar to the popular Bejeweled platform, so players will encounter an immediate sense of familiarity. The return to player (RTP) is as high as 96.2 per cent and it is possible to win a jackpot worth up to the regions of several thousand pounds..

Spinions Beach Party: Fun Day at the Beach… and Night in the Club

The notion of online video slots has just become even more attractive thanks to the friendly and quirky characters found within Spinions Beach Party. The two primary features associated with this game are ‘Beach Club Free Spins’ and ‘Spinions Sticky Wild Re-Spins’. If the player happens to encounter a Spinions Wild symbol, it will remain “stuck” within a reel until the free spins are exhausted. Two or more wild symbols will automatically activate the re-spin function. Re-spins will thereafter continue as long as additional wild cards appear. The good news is that the developers have been rather generous in regards to the number of wild symbols present, so the chances are high that you will encounter some amazing paylines during the average game. A three-dimensional feel lends a further sense of realism and the cute characters will keep you coming back for more!

Check Your Favourite UK Casino Sites

These summer-themed slot games are perfect if you have been looking to beat the heat in style. Whether you wish to play for fun or you are looking to hit a jackpot, the possibilities are nearly endless, given you are over 18 years of age. For even more games, or further information regarding the ones mentioned, have a look at, a prominent online casino guide.

The Easy-Peasy Guide to Playing Online Casino Bingo

Are you hoping to learn how to play bingo online? If so, you are in luck. There are literally thousands of different resources to employ and each of these will be able to provide you with a unique set of strategic tips. Unfortunately, learning the ropes can still be confusing and not all suggestions are worthwhile to follow. We have therefore brought together all of the best bingo tips within a single article so that they can be used as references in the future. Let’s take a look at what the professionals have to say as well as why online casino bingo is a great way to have fun and earn a bit of money.

Knowing How to Play Bingo: The Electronic Basics

If you have ever played real-life bingo, the good news is that the online process is very similar. You will normally be provided with three bingo cards (although this will sometimes differ depending upon the provider). Once the game begins, a computer will choose numbers at random. You will then need to check your digital boards to see if any numbers match. Be sure to remain focused, as you never want to miss a potentially winning digit! You can “daub” these numbers with the click of your mouse. Assuming that you score a winning combination, you will immediately hit the “Bingo” icon found on the screen. The game ceases and if your victory is verified, credits or real cash will be rewarded. It really is that simple!

Play Bingo Online for Cash Rewards: Your Options

Keep in mind that not all bingo providers will offer cash payouts. Some are associated with credits, free plays and other rewards. However, the larger portals can be known for substantial winnings. There are also instances when themed games will take place on a daily or a weekly basis. The main benefit here is that jackpots could very well reach well into the thousands of pounds. The downside is that many other competitors are normally present; reducing your statistical chances of claiming a victory. Progressive jackpots are another common option. The main theory behind this type of online casino bingo is that values will rise over time; lending a bit of excitement to each successive round.

Meeting Other Players and Socialising

The majority of online bingo providers will offer you some form of chat room during the games. These are great ways to meet other like-minded individuals and you will normally be able to enjoy stimulating banter. There are also instances when more experienced individuals may be able to offer you advice in terms of strategy. Always be polite and courteous to others; even if you happen to be suffering from a losing streak. Finally, be sure that such forums are not too distracting. If you find them to prevent you from focusing on the game, simply click on the option to disable chat features.

Are There Any Downsides Associated with Online Casino Bingo?

As with any electronic game, there are some potential pitfalls to be aware of. The most common involves your connection speed. Never forget that online bingo is a streaming program. Therefore, slower Internet connections could cause the game to buffer or even to freeze entirely. Your information and possible winnings will thereafter be forfeited. It is a good idea to possess at least a broadband connection. If you choose to play on a mobile device, make sure that your wireless transmission rates are sufficient (at least 3G speeds).

Also, only choose the most trustworthy online bingo portals. Some websites may be associated with spyware or malware; increasing the chances that your operating system might become infected. Perform an online search in order to appreciate which bingo sites are the most respected. You will also be able to read third-party reviews from other players. This is a great way to know what each site has to offer.

Fun, Fast and Fruitful

Knowing how to play bingo online is only the beginning of a long journey. You will have to develop a sound strategy as you gain more experience in order to leverage the games to your advantage. There are hundreds of different variants to choose from and each one offers up its own unique set of challenges and rewards. Bingo is an excellent way to unwind after a long day at work and naturally, you could very well walk away a winner! Untold hours of fun are only moments away.

What is the quickest way to win a fortune at UK casinos?

So you play online games and online slots so we’re assuming that you know the score. Gamers are savvy and quick-witted folk used to using their brains and thirsty for stimulation. Innovation is the key; always moving forward, spreading out and pushing back the boundaries of what is possible. Provided that is that you’re at least 18 years of age because, well, the law is the law.

Yeah sure, there’s plenty of companies out there offering free online slots and games but how many are just run by a bunch of corporate suits dishing you out what they think gamers want. Quickspin is different. How are they different? Let’s just say they’re not another corporate monolith running just a another anodyne UK online casino, taking your money hand-over-fist without so much as a thank you. Quickspin is a Swedish company formed from people who actually play online games and slots so they know what their customers want because they come from the gaming background themselves. Let’s have a look at some of their games.

Wins of Fortune

One of Quickspin’s finest and launched just last year. In Wins of Fortune you head into a vivid, striking valley somewhere in the heart of Asia for a fantasy adventure and to do battle with the characters and win “bigly”. Just stay focused on your game and try not to get distracted by the scenery. And if the North Koreans show up, hit them with everything you’ve got.


A Quickspin slot taken right out from the pages of the prehistoric world. Er, except the prehistoric world didn’t actually have pages as such. But, come on, you can see where this going. Play with creatures from the ice-ages and watch a razortooth tiger leap across the screen to leave multiple wilds behind. Wild!

King Colossus

A wealth-themed online slot and, let’s face it, who doesn’t want one of those. Not to be confused with King Croessus, this is where you can play for mega-wins under the royal patronage of His Majesty. So engrossing that you might even forget to use the Royal “we”.


Pack your hammock, your machete and plenty of mosquito-repellent because you’re heading into the depths of the Amazon jungle to find a lost Mayan temple and play some serious games while exotic and dangerous creatures roar at you. Don’t take it personally, they do that to everyone.

Northern Sky

Feel the snow crunch under your feet and suck in a lungful of the bracing, freezing air; feel the tingle of the winter wind crashing upon your face like the tiny pricks of a thousand pins and gaze in wonder up at the Northern Lights as they flit and swirl in their celestial dance. Play on the animal symbols as you lose yourself in the Northern Scandinavian tundra.

Hidden Valley

Join a duo of intrepid explorers who find the entrance to a secret hidden valley somewhere in the ancient kingdom of Tibet. Time stands still in this Shangri-La while you play the Stacked Wilds and the Random Wild multiplier. Don’t forget to tip the Sherpas if you win.

The Epic Journey

The clue is in the name. Inspired by the imagination of Jules Verne who wrote “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”, suspend your imagination (though not your playing skills) with awesome graphics, sounds and animations as you encounter Volcanoes, dig for fossils and go on safari in this mind-blowing online slots adventure.

….and that’s just a taste

Yes, there’s a lot more you risk-hungry and hot-blooded gamers when you sign up to Quickspin slots. Quickspin is not just another gaming company; they are more like old-style explorers hacking their way through the undergrowth to seek out lost cities, ancient treasures and long-forgotten civilizations. They know that gaming isn’t just about stroking keys and playing by the numbers. They are the Indiana Jones’ of the gaming word and they want to take you with them on their next quest.

Getting Started In Online Poker: Tips & Tricks For Beginners!

There are a huge amount of options for those looking to start playing poker online. However, before you get going you may want to review a number of poker rooms first to ensure you choose one that offers safety, reliability and clear instructions.

When you have found the poker room that feels right you will be able to open an account for free providing you are 18 or over. You will then be able to download their software after registering your name and choosing a username and password. The instructions will be explanatory will quickly enable you to participate in online poker games and tournaments offering cash prizes.

Play Poker Online

If you want to begin playing poker online with real money you will have to complete a few other steps. These don’t take long and will involve adding a bit more personal information and deciding how you wish to fund your account.

In online casinos there are now flexible choices available, and you can use methods such as credit cards or choose E-Wallets in many UK poker rooms that make use of the new cryptocurrency forms of payment. These may take a little longer to set up but can provide more value for money and flexibility if you wish to move between different online poker rooms.

After deciding on your deposit method you can start playing as soon as an initial deposit of around £10 to £20 as a minimum is made. This will allow you to begin playing for real money and in most cases this will be instantaneously registered on your account.

Getting Started

For those who haven’t dabbled in online poker before, the game is in essence just a version of the age-old card game but modernised so that it can be played on the internet. As with the card game it is played by all kinds of people of all ages and experience levels so can be enjoyed by anyone. There are lots of variations of the game and some are free or can be played for very low amounts right up to those who invest much more in order to go for higher level stakes.

Online Poker Tips

Free resources to improve your poker playing abilities are abundant on the internet and come with straightforward guides such as ABC’s of poker or short crash courses, and the more you improve the more you will enjoy poker playing.

A number of sites provide charts so you can begin to learn the values of a hand in poker and these are good to start memorising, although it may take a while for it to sink in and start to make sense if you have not played poker before.

Most players who are new to the game get confused by the outcome of a hand, so a good tip is to use a Which Hand Wins Calculator which is an online tool to assist new players in understanding which hand wins in a variety of situations.

How To Play Poker Online

Many sites will offer bonuses to new players and it is worth shopping around to find the best one. Once you have registered and provided the other details needed to sign up there are numerous ways to play poker including:

  • Texas No Limit Hold’em: One of the most popular games whereby you are given only two cards and then combine them with five community cards, and the objective is to get the best possible hand.
  • Poker Tournaments: you receive a stack of chips and the winner is the one who holds all the chips.
  • Cash Games: Sometimes also known as ring games these are an older version of poker that uses chips that are assigned values, and once you have the chips you can play flexibly and cash out whenever you want to.
  • Sit & Go: This is another form of tournament but on a smaller scale and starts whenever enough players join the game.

Poker: Online Real Money

Although amounts can vary depending on a number of factors such as skill, chance and types of games played it is possible to win real cash prizes with online poker, and hone your skills by studying the game and keeping abreast of the latest trends.

Time to Cash Out – Best Withdrawal Methods Available From Leading Online Casinos

If you’re a regular player in online casinos UK, chances are you love winning. It’s one of the best feelings in the world! The thrill of winning money at a web casino is second only to the thrill of getting those earnings converted into real cash and materialized into your hands, where you can put them to good use.

To ensure you can get hold of your casino cash with minimal fees as well as the least time and effort involved, it’s worth doing your homework. You should know about the best withdrawal methods which are typically available at most reputable online casinos. There are more payment systems available than you would imagine! This article will run you through the essentials, so you’ll know the exact directions you should take when you’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Understanding Which Online Casino Withdrawal is Right for You

Before checking the list of available withdrawal methods below, you should keep in mind that choosing the right payment system depends on your own preference. All of the casino withdrawal methods listed here are trustworthy, so picking the right one is ultimately a matter of choosing the method most convenient to your particular situation. Which kind of options are available, you may wonder?

Some players favor the fastest withdrawal methods, others want the most secure transactions possible, others worry about paying the least possible fees. You’ll usually have to pick two out of the three! For some players, the main concern is to avoid sending their winnings through their bank account, which means they favor alternative methods; other players just want to get their money into their conventional bank account directly. No matter which is your preference, you’ll find something suitable in the next section.

Here’s a List of the Most Popular Casino Withdrawal Methods

Bank Wire – the most classic, tried and true method of getting money from one bank account to the other. It’s extremely simple to use and you won’t have to set up any new online accounts and learn how to use them: you can just withdraw money by specifying your bank account number. Though it’s very simple, this method has notable drawbacks, such as taking several days to process and often involving substantial processing fees.

Credit Cards – includes traditional credit cards as well as virtual credit cards, although usually the former can’t be used for withdrawing money. Virtual Credit cards such as Entropay do allow doing so; they are very popular in the web casino industries these days, since they offer speed and ease of use, as well allowing to use withdrawn funds directly from any terminal that takes credit cards.

Bitcoin – There is a big trend these days with more and more casinos accepting Bitcoins as a payment method. This isn’t too surprising, considering the tremendous amount of speculation and value surrounding this cryptocurrency… which everybody seems to be determined to amass while they still can. If for some reason you don’t have any love for your bitcoins nor do you care about financial speculation, you can now use your bitcoins to fund your online wagering activities in your favored online casino UK.

E-Wallets – includes services like Paypal, ClickandBuy, Skrill, EcoCard, Neteller and others. For a big percentage of players, this is simply the favored payment method for doing withdrawals and deposits at online casinos, since it’s extremely convenient and fast. Transactions through this method are often instant, fees tend to reasonable, and it’s very easy to register a new account with any of the aforementioned services. You can usually get started in minutes by tying with your existing e-mail account with your new e-wallet. You can then get money into your e-wallet by connecting it with your bank account or by getting payments from an online casino or any other person or company. For those who already have e-wallets with available funds, this is usually the simplest, most convenient and most secure option available.

Typical Casino Deposit Methods Available Online

All of the withdrawal methods listed above can also be used to make deposits to your online casino UK accounts. It’s worth noting that many casinos do require that you withdraw money through the same method that you used to deposit the cash. Keeping this in mind, you should make sure to pick a suitable method that will work for you both when it’s time to put money in and take money out from your favorite web casino.

You should also keep in mind that not all of the above payment methods are availble in all countries, so it may be worth checking if the online casino withdrawal you’re planning to use is available in your area of residence and supported by your chosen online casino.

Casino Sic Bo Might Seem Complicated But It’s Easier Than You Think

Sic Bo, sometimes referred to as Tai Sai (lucky dice), can seem like quite a daunting game to those who are unfamiliar with it. This is primarily because, on first appearances, the board itself is quite complicated. However, in reality, Sic Bo is actually a very simplistic game, which is easy to pick up.

Essentially, Sic Bo is a luck-based dice game, where the player bets on the outcome of dice rolls. It has similarities to roulette, craps, chuck-a-luck and several other casino mainstays. As a result, anyone who has an existing knowledge of any of those games should find Sic Bo fairly straight forward and similarly enjoyable.

Sic Bo Rules

The basic Sic Bo rules are as follows: The dealer rolls three dice and punters place their bets on the Sic Bo board. The aim of the game is to bet on the outcome from the dice roll and there are many different options available, which will be explained in more detail below. Pay outs are then based on probability of the bet(s) placed.

Unlike some other games, like craps, there is no real Sic Bo strategy, because it is unashamedly a game of chance and the main responsibility for punters is simply to make sure they do not run out of money.

Today, a number of internet-based casinos offer the chance to play Sic Bo online and the basic premise behind the game remains. The role of the dealer is replaced by computer software, but this still operates in the exact same way, because the software is designed to generate random numbers and Sic Bo is based entirely on luck.

How to Play Sic Bo

For those wondering how to play Sic Bo, the role of the punter is actually very simple. All you have to do is place your bet, or bets, on the Sic Bo board, based on what you think the dice will show. The dealer or computer software then reveals the dice and if what is revealed matches your wager, you win. Otherwise, you lose.

As with games like roulette, you can place as many bets as you like on the same turn, so you can cover multiple different possibilities, or increase your earnings from a specific possibility you anticipate. There are a number of different types of bet available on the board. The main types of bet are as follows:

  • Big or Small – In terms of probability, these are the safest options on the board, as the represent an almost 50/50 chance. If you bet on big, you are betting on the total shown on the dice to be between 11 and 17. If you bet on small, you are betting on the total being between 4 and 10. All triple scores are excluded, in order to maintain the house edge, which is the reason why 3 and 18 are not covered by the big or small options.
  • Total – The most simplistic bet of all, the punter simply bets on what they believe the total shown from the three dice will be. Any number between 4 and 17 is available. Probabilities are shown on the squares. The totals of 3 and 18 are excluded, because they are covered by the next bet type instead.
  • Triple – There are two options available here. Betting on a triple means betting on a specific triple – so you may bet on the dice showing three 2s or three 4s. Alternatively, you can bet on any triple, which means you are betting on any possible triple being shown. The former has a significantly lower probability, so pays more.
  • Double – This is a bet that any specific pair will be shown on the dice. For instance, you may bet on two 1s or two 5s. As long as two of that number appears, you win. This still pays out if all three dice show your chosen number.
  • Single – The single option is a bet that a particular number between 1 and 6 will be shown on at least one of the three dice. For example, you may bet on 2 or on 5. If your chosen number appears on any of the dice, you win. This still pays out if two or three of the dice show your number.
  • Combination – This is a bet that any two specified numbers will be displayed across the three dice. To provide an example, you might choose the combination of 1 and 3. If a 1 and 3 then appear on two of the three dice, you win.

Depending on the casino offering Sic Bo online, there may also be other options available. Some casinos, for example, allow a choice of four numbers, with the punter winning if any three of the four are shown. Some providers also pay double on a single bet if two dice show the number, or treble if it is shown on all three dice.

Get Familiar with Casino Bonuses: What are the Different Types of UK Bonuses Available

Online casinos are in perpetual contest with each other to capture a major share of the virtual casino gaming market. In a bid to stay ahead in the race, it is but natural for them to adopt innovative promotional techniques that appeal to both potential and regular players alike. It has now become quite common for online casinos to offer different types of bonuses to get players to sign up for membership, pursue their gaming interests and be suitably rewarded for their time.

It is important for gaming enthusiasts, both seasoned and casual gamers, to thoroughly understand what they are signing up for because:

  • There are different types of casino bonuses on offer
  • Not all casinos offer the same types of bonuses
  • Most often, there are playthrough and wagering requirements that players must fulfill in order to unlock or withdraw the bonus amount.
  • And both these requirements will vary across different casinos

Let’s quickly go through the different casino bonuses, before getting to wagering requirements explained in detail. Typically, all casinos offer a welcome bonus for new members and a loyalty bonus to reward their long-term members.

The welcome bonus offered can either be:

Free Money Bonus

Casinos offer a fixed monetary bonus when new players place their first deposit. This is a deposit bonus but does not vary based on deposit amount. For example, a casino may offer $50 as a bonus to each new member, irrespective of the initial deposit – be it $10 or $100. Do watch out for minimum initial deposit requirements though!

Match Bonus

This again is a deposit bonus where the casino matches a certain percentage of the player’s first deposit. A 100 percent match is the default, with the casino offering exactly the same amount as the initial deposit as a bonus, doubling the amount in the player’s gaming account. A deposit of $100 will earn the player a bonus of $100. Higher match percentages, whenever promised, most likely are capped. For instance, a match of 200 percent can be limited to say $100. Even the best deposit bonus needs thorough research so that you are not disappointed.

No Deposit Bonus

True to the name, no deposit is required to unlock this bonus, which in most cases is automatically credited to the player’s account. Occasionally, players need to claim the amount via simple processes. Withdrawal of winnings earned using this type of bonus may be limited or may require a token deposit.

Sticky Bonus

The sticky bonus is primarily offered to enhance the wagering capacity of players and chances of winning big time. While players can use the bonus funds for placing bets, they cannot withdraw the money. In fact, the bonus amount will be debited from the players account once playthrough requirements have been met or on withdrawal of winnings.

Signing up via select casino-affiliate websites can earn players huge exclusive bonuses as well.

Each of these bonus types is different and have different terms and conditions attached to them. That said, let’s get to understanding playthrough and wagering requirements.

Playthrough and Wagering Requirements Explained

While casinos seem to be quite generous with their bonus offers, it is the “catch” that often goes unnoticed. Players are required to meet certain wagering and playthrough conditions before they can withdraw the bonus amount. Either the deposit (D) or the bonus amount (B) or both (D+B) must be played through or wagered a multiple number (N) of times (X) before one gets to withdraw the bonus. Also, note that not all games fully qualify for wagering requirements and their percentage contribution towards playthrough conditions do vary across casinos. Casinos with the lowest wagering requirements offer a better chance for players to cash the bonus funds without a punishing wait.

For example, you’ve placed an initial deposit of $50 and received a matched bonus of $50 and are required to wager the deposit and bonus 10 times to cash out the bonus. In such a case, you must bet $100 ten times, amounting to $1000 before you can withdraw the $50 bonus, plus of course any winnings.

You can usually find wagering requirements explained in the ‘terms and conditions’ page of the casino website, and get them clarified by customer support staff if needed.

Even some of the best casino bonuses UK online casinos advertise could prove elusive! While the bonus offer may seem quite lucrative in terms of numbers, it may take you quite a while or even cost you a bit before you can have the bonus cashed. Reading the fine print is a must before you take that plunge.

Enjoy Rewarding Online Casino Experiences with Loyalty and VIP Programmes

Whether your are an avid fan of poker or you have been hoping to enjoy a few engaging hands of blackjack, online casinos will provide endless hours of entertainment. If you are lucky enough, you might even walk away with a tidy sum of money. Although there is no doubt that the variety of games is truly amazing, we also need to take into account the value of VIP and loyalty schemes. So, what is in store and what types of programmes can you expect to encounter along the way?

The Value of a Casino VIP Program

The basic intention of any casino VIP program is to reward players for their loyalty as well as to provide registered users with access to different game variants. Not only will this emphasise the quality of the brand, but these bonuses tend to be progressive in their nature. In other words, they become more valuable as a member progresses through various levels (sometimes referred to as tiers). Thus, there is always something new and this ensures that members keep coming back for more. Not only is this an excellent marketing strategy, but it is just as highly valuable to the players themselves.

The Different Types of Casino Loyalty Programs at a Glance

From a general standpoint, any casino loyalty program can be classified into one of several categories. Some of these will include (but may not be limited to):

  • Initial sign-up bonuses.
  • Referral rewards.
  • Matched deposits.
  • Free spins or credits.
  • Prizes after reaching a certain level of gameplay.

It is not uncommon for an online casino to offer several of these rewards. The majority now boast hefty sign-up bonuses. Some of these can match the initial deposit amount by up to a few thousand pounds. Others provide free spins that can be worth real cash value if the player wins a round (such as in roulette). As these spins are not associated with any type of risk, they can be thought of as “money for nothing”.

Why Choose a UK Online Casino that Offers Loyalty Points?

It is important to mention the difference between a bonus and a casino loyalty program. Bonuses tend to be one-off bundles by their very nature; awarded at specific benchmark levels or upon initially registering with the website. Loyalty points are much more predictable. They are provided at regular increments and generally based around the amount of time that the player has been registered with the casino. While some will argue that loyalty points are not as outwardly impressive as the average UK online casino bonus, we have to remember that these points can often be used to access additional areas of the site that could be off limits to the average player.

Levelling Up and Other Unique Programmes

Every provider is associated with its own rewards and bonuses. For instance, an “adventure casino” might provide rewards such as fast-paced tournaments and massive jackpots. A platform focused more around traditional bingo could offer its players other types of bonuses such as speed rounds or the ability to play a bingo card at no extra charge. These options have just as much to do with branding as they involve catering to the needs of the player in question.

Many are associated with incremental rewards; sometimes known as “levelling up”. The player can earn badges, medals and similar items. There are even instances when digital currency can be used to access games without having to deposit any additional funds. The main takeaway point is that VIP programs are as varied as the casinos themselves.

Things to Look Out For

Not all casino VIP programs are made the same. Some are much more transparent than others. This is the first variable to address. These are several questions to ask before registering with a website. Three of the most important include:

  • Is it easy to understand the terms and conditions?
  • Will you be provided with a live account representative if a problem arises?
  • Are there time limits associated with the rewards and if so, how quickly will they need to be redeemed?

All that glitters may not necessarily be gold. So, be sure to read through all of the relevant information well in advance. There are literally hundreds of online casinos and the best will always be associated with amazing rewards programmes. Indeed, it always pays to be a VIP member!

Forget roulette strategies and focus on learning the rules and odds

Anyone who has gone into a casino in the real, physical world can empathise with the all too familiar sight. The player who stands at the table, either in quiet confidence or shouting from the rooftops that they’re going to win big, because they have a ‘system’ that’s guaranteed. Online, it’s no different and this is no more true than at the roulette table. Players will line up in droves to claim their free bonus or matched betting gift, and either read up on tried and tested strategies, or work on one they’ve had up their sleeves for a while, and go straight to playing some hardcore roulette online. The results are mixed at best. Before long, that £40 free bonus has dried up, and the player is digging in to their wallet to reclaim their lost funds, relying all the time on that all important ‘winning roulette strategy’. For those who play more seriously, there is a higher chance of success, but in all honesty, if strategies are a player’s ‘thing’, roulette is probably not the best game to be playing.

The best strategy, if it can be considered a thing, is to scrap all ideas of ‘playing the house at their own game’ and just get to grips with the way the game works as well as the odds of winning. It’s a little known fact that, of all the casino games available, the roulette system is well and truly stacked against the player. Look at it this way. There are 36 numbers plus a ‘0’ and ’00’ on some boards. That’s a 37 to 1 chance that a player will get that exact number, and when they do, the average payout is 35 to 1. There are literally no strategies that can help improve the chances of winning big, as it’s a simple case of letting the ball land where it wants to each time. There are actually other ways to greatly improve the odds of winning a smaller payout. Forget ’17 black’ or ’23 red’ or whatever favourite anyone has previously had. These are nothing more than a fun way to play. Looking at the outside tablet bets, simply placing a bet on red or black is right up there with the smaller odds, literally a 2:1 chance that a player will win their bet back. Instead of a 35 to 1 payout, this method simply ensures that the winner receives back double their stake, with the chances of a win being just over 17 times higher than betting on a specific number. For any small time player, or even seasoned gamer, this is the most basic of roulette tips but is a common sense policy.

Knowing the way that the roulette rules work is also an advantage in that a player will actually know firstly what they are betting on, but secondly what their chances are of walking away with more money than they arrived with. Forgetting the golden rule of no bets being allowed once the table starts spinning, there are a number of ‘side bets’ that are allowed depending on the rules of the casino.

For instance, a ‘corner bet’ with a chip placed over four numbers has an odds of 8:1 if a number turns up. Much like the ‘red and black’ variant, the ‘low and high’ bet simply asks the player to bet on whether the number will be in the bottom or top half of the numbers with a 2:1 payout. Developing on that, a player can bet on a low, middle or high dozen, which is self explanatory, but pays slightly higher than a 2:1 odds.

Like any casino game, the more complex it is, the more strategies and ways people claim to have found to beat the house. But roulette is painfully simple to play and is down purely to chance. There’s no way to influence the outcome and this is why many roulette tables will be crowded with older players, low stakes gamblers and newbies, all keen to get into a real casino game with their limited experience and low tolerance for risk and drama. The key trick to remember with roulette is not to try and have any strategy at all. Know the odds of each type of bet and the player will know exactly how likely they are to win, and where to look at placing bets.